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The purpose of the Santa Cruz Sailing Foundation is to provide opportunities for all persons under 21 years of age to learn to sail and to participate in sailing and sail boat racing activities. Participation and support for sailing education, training and competition is open to anyone under the specified maximum age limit.

The sources of funding for these support activities include the annual Santa Cruz Yacht Club Gift Request, in memoriam gifts, donation of boats and regatta sponsorships. All funding and program decisions are made by the foundation's five-member Board of Directors.

**Donate your all natural baby toys for community children.


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The primary goal of the Santa Cruz Sailing Foundation is to enrich the lives of the Santa Cruz County youth community by providing them with opportunities to participate in both recreational and competitive sailing. Our outreach objectives are to include boys and girls from outside of the local sailing community who may be unfamiliar with the sport and otherwise lack the opportunity to learn.